What’s on my mind…


WOW! I really do not know where to start! Well, let’s begin on why I became a wedding officiant.

I was always a people person. I liked to talk. I liked to be in charge (but knew when to step back). As a speech-language pathologist for over 40 years approaching my retirement from the public schools, the hubs questioned how I was going to continue to supplement our household income once I took my pension since I was not old enough for Social Security. I continued to have an extremely small private therapy caseload, but what would keep me in the people world, use my creative side, and allow for a part time work load? Stumped!

Then, one night while watching – what else? – a Hallmark movie, I started to tear up during the wedding ceremony. I shouted to the hubs that I knew what I wanted to be! A wedding officiant! He thought that was a great idea and then – my little cousin got engaged! Well, who better to experiment with than family?

I have immersed myself in the world of wedding officiants and business. I am not perfect. I am constantly learning. In fact, I spend more time learning than I ever thought I would because the field so exciting and the business part is ever changing. I love it!!! I’ve found myself, on numerous occasions, to have been on the computer participating in zoom meetings, watching webinars, joining professional summits, and talking to other officiants and vendors in my groups – for 8-10 hours in a day because I am soaking up all this education. I am like a sponge.

I do everything myself. I learn better that way. Do I do it correctly? Nah. I know that many wedding pros automate emails and other things, but I absolutely enjoy writing every single email to my couples. I learn better. I feel connected. No one else is reading the emails. Just me. There is a lot of personal information involved and I like knowing that the partner I’m communicating with knows I’m here for them.