Here’s the BIG question every couple wants the answer to: What are your fees? In short, my services are designed to unite a loving couple – whether in marriage, a vow renewal, or a commitment ceremony. Each level of each type of ceremony requires time and even research.

My ceremonies can be elaborate and 30 minutes to a quick 5-minute sign and go and everything in between:

The Whole Shebang

All the Good Parts

Just Enough


Why do I want to have a chit chat with you and not just give you the fees? Because – and maybe you guessed it – there is so much information about what these ceremonies entail that I want to be able to provide the appropriate ceremony that fits your vision.

All ceremonies are handwritten – even the quickies!

  • The Whole Shebang contains the personalized love story and any traditions you desire. OR choose All the Good Parts which contains all of the basic elements of the ceremony, and you can add on any extras as you would like. Do you want a simple ceremony that is more like an elopement? Choose the Just Enough.
  • The Simply I DO ceremony is a quick, sign and go in which I ask for your intention to get married. )I even encourage you to say some vows if you are so inclined.) It is available within an ~20-mile radius of the office. Don’t live near me? We can choose from many places to make it work for you!
  • Secular, multi-cultural, nondiscriminatory, LGBTQ+ inclusive ceremonies…it makes no difference…just be 18 and not currently married to someone else!
  • Weddings can be formal, casual, elopement, sign and go – backyard, park, living room, restaurant, hall – even the same week you contact me!
  • Traditions or rituals (family, cultural, I-just-like-that, breaking the glass, circling each other, jumping the broom, tree planting, wine sipping, unity candle lighting, sand bottles, exchange of love letters, poems, readings, songs or something else can be included). Add the children or the family dog!
  • Vows can be customized by the officiant or the couple or the officiant can use a standard selection chosen to represent the couple.
  • Marriage license fulfillment is guided throughout the process and is filed by the officiant within the timeline required by your state.
  • Consultation and guidance services are available when you want to include a family member or friend in officiating.
  • Ceremony rates currently range from $395-$150.

All in all, helping to continue your love story is the bottom line!

Learn more about me on my pages.

Please contact us for more detailed information. We look forward to hearing from you!